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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I love this font. It has my name.

  2. comic sans
    at 9:05:15 am

    Your parents named you after a font?

  3. Wow love this font, thank you so so much for sharing all these fonts, super generous of you

  4. You are awesome. Great help on your sites and the fonts are super cute. Thank you!!!!

  5. sweet! my name!!!

  6. nice work

  7. smpap(brunei)
    at 1:17:03 am

    =D love this front thnx,tq very much ^-^ ._________.

  8. Thank you! I love this font!!

  9. Richardson Girl
    at 2:30:00 pm

    my name is Elise too! I live in Dallas, Texas. from Elise GINGERICH, in Dallas, Texas. I am not a tea bagger, or a dude. I am neither a dude, or a tea bagger.

  10. Lovenit!

  11. Love it!

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