Download New Fonts {April 5th, 2010}

Download just the new fonts from April 5, 2010 in a single zip file.

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    Thanks again…..your fonts are amazing!

  2. Love these! Really different!

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    Thank you for the time you take to make these available!

  4. Wonderful fonts, thanks so much!

  5. thanks Amanda….I love all the free fonts!!!

  6. Thank you so much for your generosity. Great fonts!

  7. Thanks so much! They are adorable! I especially love firefly castle right now. :)

  8. Whitney Hale
    at 10:14:50 am

    Thanks so much – you are truly talented!

  9. Thank you for these great new fonts Amanda! Love them all!

  10. Thanks so much for doing these. I have always wanted to turn my handwriting into a font, but whenever I start to do it, I realize I’m not that crazy about my writing!

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    Thank you Amanda for sharing with us! They’re amazing!

  12. Thank you so much!

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    Thanks Amanda! If you ever decide to have the “recipe class” again, please give me a call. I loved that:)
    By the way, you look great!

  14. Amanda,
    Thank you SOOOO much! Any time you post new fonts is like Christmas for me. I get so excited. I can’t wait to start a project so I can use them. You’re a gem. Thank you!!

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    THANKS, Amanda!

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    Thanks so much for the fabulous fonts Kevin & Amanda!!

  17. Thanks so much! Very cute!

  18. Sandy_in_MD
    at 9:38:02 pm

    Awesome set of fonts – thanks!

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    Geez Amanda, you always blow me away. I can never get over your fonts. Why are you not signed on to a store yet? Do you make more revenue from things being free or are you like me, and just love it too much to muck things up with charges and making your hobby an obligation? Lol. Because I KNOW you’d have followers willing to buy. You’ve built the fanbase. I don’t know what you’d be waiting for at this point…

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    THANK YOU so much for all the goodies you share!!!

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    Love love love!!!! your fonts. Thank you so much for sharing!

  22. FAbulous fonts. Thanks SO much. I love them.

  23. Love your fonts!! Thanks!

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    ty amanda!! another amazing batch of fonts for me to overuse! <3

  25. Grant’s Ghosts… I have a hunch this is a GH reference… and i LOVE it ;)

  26. These are amazing!!! Thank you so so much!!! xxx

  27. Thanks for the wonderful new fonts!

  28. Thank you SO much!! I love love love these new fonts :)

  29. love them… thanks!!!! they always rock!

    — dalis

  30. blurooferika
    at 5:02:49 pm

    Thanks a bunch. These new fonts are fabamundo!

  31. Love ’em!! Thank u for the freeness!!

  32. Thanks for the fonts….:)

  33. Amanda you rock! I find myself coming back time and time again to your fonts for my layouts. Thanks!

  34. Michelle
    at 9:19:38 am

    Thank you!!!! ;)

  35. I really enjoy reading your blog. thank you so much for the fonts.

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    Thank you Amanda!

  37. Cathy H.
    at 6:46:59 pm

    I just found your font page. I love it!! You’re on my favorite list. I’ve never downloaded any fonts, your instructions were so easy to follow. Thank you so much!!

  38. awesome fonts!awesome logos! found what I was so bad looking for!

  39. Thank you so much!

  40. Marianne
    at 12:22:33 pm

    I love your fonts so much! Thank you.


  41. Thank you tons! I love fonts… it’s kind of a sickness…

  42. Thanks for those new fonts! Love them!!

  43. Thanks for the new fonts! I love them.

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    Thanks for the fonts. I’m new to digital scrap booking and really appreciate all the help

  45. Thank you so much for these awesome fonts!

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    Thank you so much Kevin and amanda i come frequantly to download founts all the time :).

  47. Wow, thanks for the awesome fonts! :)

  48. Thank you so much for the terrific fonts. :)

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    Thanks so much – cant wait to play with these great new fonts!

  50. María Stordeur
    at 7:13:02 pm

    I looooooooooooooooove your fonts!!!! thanks for being so generous!!! the fonts are so beautiful and fun!!!! thanks for sharing them!!!

    I’m from Argentina, I love scrapbooking and your fonts are so perfect for my pages ;).

    I have arthritis and my hands hurt when I write, so I use computer more than i use a pen. I don’t know whether you still receive font samples but I’m sure I’ll give it a try ;). It would be wonderful to have one by you!!

    I recently subscribe to your blog and I’m enjoying it so much!! ;)

    Huge hugs & kisses,


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    Thank you for such wonderful fonts!
    hugzzzzz DoBe

  52. Bertiesmum
    at 11:53:46 pm

    How generous and how fantastic to be given a gift like these beautiful fonts. Thank you so very much. Chris

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    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful fonts!!

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    Thank you for the fonts! I will try them out this week. Peggy

  55. Thanks so much! <3

  56. Hi there!!

    I love your fonts… from the first post to the latest one, they are really wonderful. I will be using them in my new blog which will be published soon… thanks again !!! I am now a permanent visitor!!!


  57. Hi there!!

    I love your fonts… from the first post to the latest one, they are really wonderful. I will be using them in my new blog which will be published soon… thanks again !!! I am now a permanent visitor!!!


  58. Thanks so much for these awesome fonts.

  59. Thank you for these awesome fonts!!

  60. Michelle W
    at 9:28:33 pm

    I need help…how did you organize your patterned paper? I really need ideas. I am trying to organize my scraproom and I love yours. I am just overwhelmed with my paper supply and want to make it make it more user friendly. Any suggestions you can give will be greatly appreciated.

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    Awesome fonts! Thank you so much ;-)

  62. thank you so much!

  63. Thanks so much!!!

  64. Thanks a bunch! These are so fun – Basically I love them!

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    Your fonts are just so dang cute!! And they go extremely well with Suzanne Woolcott’s Gorjuss gals :) Thank you for the freebies!

  66. DIVINAS!!! Gracias por compartir!!!

  67. Really very nice fonts— I’m glad I bumped into your website ;-) I can not design our Christmas party program paper with your cool fonts ;-)

  68. Really very nice fonts— I’m glad I bumped into your website ;-) I can NOW (I mean) design our Christmas party program paper with your cool fonts ;-)

  69. danielle olson
    at 5:55:59 pm

    how do i save the fonts as an “unzipped” file?

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    I love these fonts! I am having a hard time downloading them though. Every time I try to save or open the font it says “Microsoft cannot open because some parts of the file are missing or invalid.” Help!

  71. Looking forward to using these great fonts. Blessings to you! Thank you so much, Laura.

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    Thank you!

  73. Спасибо большое за шрифты!!!

  74. awesome!!! thanks

  75. Thanks you soo much! Your fonts are te cutest :D
    I can’t wait to use these lovely fonts!
    Have a great day!

  76. I can’t find the words to thank you for your generosity.

  77. Patricia Milford
    at 4:36:42 pm

    Just learning to blog and about digital and so excited to find your fonts! Thanks for sharing these!!

  78. Stephanie
    at 6:42:40 pm

    Just found your site – AWESOME!! Thanks!

  79. Greetings from Norway!

    Thanks so much for sharing :)

  80. Frances Booth
    at 6:00:39 pm

    your fonts are AMAZING!!! all i can see is massive crafting potential! Thank you sooooo much <3

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    Awesome fonts ! thanks so much for sharing <3

  82. Thank you so much for these awesome fonts.

  83. Thank you! I love all your fonts, they’re cool and cute! Can’t wait to use them. :3

  84. Thank you so much!

  85. thank´s
    not easy to find something for fre in this (webb) world :)

  86. Thank you! I’m new at blogging and my blog is rather blah right now. Hopefully, these fonts will give it a little pizazz :)

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    Love, love, love your fonts! Thanks so much. :-)

  88. Love the fonts! Thanks for sharing!

  89. Love your site and all of your suggestions. my business is 8 months old and booming. Love baking and meeting lots of great people!

    Thank you for sharing! Gemma

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    thanks,,,it helps me a lot! love it!

  91. Kristen K.
    at 3:23:38 pm

    Thank you for sharing these fonts! Looking forward to making some great new projects at home and in my classroom! :)

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    Thank you so much! Wonderful fonts!

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    nice fonts…thank you for sharing.

  94. Jennifer
    at 2:36:11 pm

    What a great site! Thank you.

  95. Jess Brass
    at 1:52:33 am

    Thank you, for the fonts and all the other great stuff here – I am brand new to Kevin and Amanda, and I think this is a great site – can’t wait for my updates!!

  96. Patricia
    at 6:54:46 pm

    Thank you for new fonts, can’t wait to use them

  97. Thank you so very much!

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    Thanks for the variety. I love to use different fonts on my pages.

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    Thank you, I love fonts

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    I love It ^^ Thank you so much.

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    awwww really thank you so much for sharing these all for free!!!!

  102. Thank you so much for your fonts! I love your blog…always so much fun to read. Keep up the great work!!!!

  103. Patricia Louro
    at 11:47:00 am

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful fonts with us! :)

  104. This one is great! My daughter loves using this one, she downloads one everyday! # GREAT FONTS.

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    Love using your fonts! They make everything more fun!

  106. Love the fonts. You’re the best!!

  107. Thanks a lot for making this available… your fonts are wonderful!

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    at 9:21:18 am

    Love these fonts. Thanks for sharing them.

  109. LOVE your site and LOVE your fonts!! Thank you so much!

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    Thank You Very Much, those all great

  111. Thank you soooooooo much! You’re wonderful <3

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    thank you so much!

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    thank’s for your font & the other

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    Thank YOU so much for all these beautiful fonts! I always look forward for your wonderful blogs to read….LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!

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    Awesome fonts

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    Thank you so much for these free fonts! I’m sure it’s a lot of work to put them together. The time and effort you put into making them is greatly appreciated!

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    Thank you!!!! Gracias!!! Grazzie!!! God bless you both, you´re super nice and generous :)

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    Love these! Thank you so much!

  119. how can I get that? :(

  120. Whoop! Whoop! Thank you!!!

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    Your fonts is very beautiful.
    Thank you :-)

  123. Kimberlee
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    I love your fonts!! Thank you so much for sharing them!

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    Thank you for sharing the fonts. They are beautiful.

  125. Thuy Truong
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    Thank you so much for your free materials. Your fonts are great and very artistic. You are the best! million thanks. Best wishes, Thuy

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    Thank you I love your font`s thank you for sharing them I am a bit of a font addict.


  127. Oh dear! Y’all so thoughtful and nice.
    Love your webpage and adore the fonts!
    Keep keeping on!
    Much love.

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    Thanks so much! Love it!!

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    Thanks for the fonts! and the recipes! Love them!

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    nice fonts! :)))

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    i love some of the fonts.

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    thank youuuu so much :)