Dismals Canyon

dismals canyon-01

It was a perfectly lovely and sunny long weekend here, and on Saturday Kev and I took a quick drive over to check out the secluded and mysterious Dismals Canyon. It’s only a few hours south of our house, but with our 9th anniversary coming up (it’s today!), we decided to make a short trip out of it and stay the night nearby.

dismals canyon-02

We grabbed a hotel, and look at this cheerful room! Can you guess what hotel this is? This was our room for the night at the Holiday Inn Express, if you can believe it. We stayed in Florence, Alabama, and it was such a cute little town. There was a seriously good sushi restaurant just across the street from the hotel, and even a doughnut shoppe and cupcake bakery right on the way to canyon. Heaven!


dismals canyon-03

The canyon walking path was gorgeous and Miley and Howie got right to exploring.

dismals canyon-04

The trail is a short 1.5 mile loop that follows a quiet stream, but you could easily spend all afternoon exploring the canyon.

dismals canyon-05

Loved the beautiful high canyon walls covered in moss that would “weep” like a slow, trickling rain drops.

dismals canyon-06

The trail was filled with plenty of fun stairs and stepping stones. Although I guess Howie prefers a more direct approach by cutting straight through the stream!

dismals canyon-07


dismals canyon-08

It was pretty hot outside, but the canyon is shady and cool.

dismals canyon-09

Time for a swim!

dismals canyon-10

There were even a few very narrow passageways to squeeze through!

dismals canyon-11

Loved these fiery walls.

dismals canyon-12

dismals canyon-13

At the end of the loop, a fallen tree had been turned into a bridge to cross to the other side of the stream.

dismals canyon-14

The trail made its way back to the beginning of the canyon, crossing one final swinging bridge leading to the entrance.

dismals canyon-15

dismals canyon-16

What makes Dismals Canyon so unique are the mysterious Dismalites. The canyon is home to these rare and tiny phosphorescent “glowworms” that light up the canyon bluffs like a thousand stars on a dark night. The canyon offers guided twilight tours to see these unique creatures, and is a completely magical experience. Dismals Canyon was such a fun day trip, loved spending the afternoon here and meeting the Dismalites.

Happy 9th Anniversary, Kev!